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March 16, 2012
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Velociraptor Infographic by ChrisMasna Velociraptor Infographic by ChrisMasna

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V.mongoliensis + H.sapiens size chart: Velociraptor by ChrisMasna         Puertasaurus Infographic: Puertasaurus reuili by ChrisMasna
(old version:


Thanks to some of the DA people who contributed somehow to my paleo-education and/or to this infographic:
:iconscotthartman: :iconalbertonykus: :iconewilloughby: :iconmattmart: :iconqilong: :icontyrannosaurusprime: :iconpilsator:

EDITED 18/3/2012: pack hunting as speculative.
tail fan also as display and communication. (Ferahgo-the-aAssassin)

EDITED 31/3/2012: tail around the body when nesting. (MattMart)
Byronosaurus added to the troodontinds found in Djadokhta. (gdog00)

EDITED 15/4/2012: length of the tarsometatarsals corrected, metatarsal pads added.
eyes position less stereoscopic. (gdog00)

EDITED 5/12/2012: no lachrymal horns. (Qilong)

EDITED 5/9/2014: Newer reconstruction, changes in color, posture and wing arrangement (2013). About the wing feather arrangement: :iconsmnt2000: has made a much much better chart: and

EDITED 24/10/2014: Supraorbital membrane. How (I think) deinonychosaur eye sockets work (Osmatar)

Speed demons? NO. I didn'd have space to include this, but read it:…
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I think this is an absoloutely incredible piece of palaeoart, and is one of the most accurate, well drawn dromaeosaurs I have ever seen. Not only is it accurate, the piece is also informarive and true to the fossil evidence, and has been presented in a very original format. I haven't seen an infographic like this in a long time, and I especially like the beige, sepia toned paper like background and slightly more simplistic yet still accurate line drawings of the grooming and resting Velcoiraptor, it makes the piece look like something from a wildlife obsevers handbook, showing one incredibly detailed depiction, highlighting clearly the recognisable details and colour schemes, paired with simpler behavioural obsevational drawings. The proportions are fantastic, and although this Velociraptor is a unique piece, you haven't overblown your artistic license with any over elaborate display feathers, you've kept to the science and restored Velociraptor based on proper evidence, yet at the same time added a unique artistic twist, especially in the colour scheme, which is something I haven't really seen in dromaeosaur art before, but I like it, and prefer it to your older, white Velociraptors, and recomend you stick to this pattern. Overall, I can't say anything bad or ciriticize this piece, and the only piece of advice I would give you is to do more of the lineart behavioural study pieces, perhaps showing the Velociraptor interacting with another species form it's habitiat, something like Protoceratops andrewsi, or maybe another Velociraptor would suffice. and I will leave you with the fact that I am looking forward to similar dinosaur infographics in the future. Well done!
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Critique by OldDocHudsonandCO Mar 17, 2012, 8:44:17 AM
First off, allow me to say that this is incredibly accurate with the facts about Velociraptor mongoliensis. Also, I really like the setup of all of the info boxes, which make it an easy read for multiple groups of people. This would make an excellent poster for classrooms, etc. For the artwork, I can see that a lot of time and dedication was put into this project, especially for the scientific accuracy. I really like the "blue-jay" coloration of the animal, a real step away from the usual darker color schemes used in other works. As a amateur paleontologist, it is something I would used if I need a quick reference on Velociraptor. As an artist, I'm impresses with the creativity. Great job.
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AHathaway97 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
This. THIS. This is a beautiful diagram/ restoration of V. mongoliensis. 10/10. I hope you wouldn't mind if I used this for reference next tire I draw a Velociraptor.
LordOfstamps Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2014
Excellent drawing. Velociraptor was always my favorite.
On a semi-related note, do you think it's possible that velociraptor was sexually dimorphic? Personally I think that the males might have been more brightly colored like modern birds.
acepredator Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2014
Or females were much larger as in modern predatory theropods.
LordOfstamps Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2014
In modern birds the male is more brightly colored and slightly larger.
acepredator Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2014
Not in carnivorous birds.
LordOfstamps Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2014
Velociraptor was not a bird.
acepredator Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2014
But birds are the closest things we have to non-avian theropods (except in specialized genera like Spinosaurus)
ChrisMasna Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014
I agree, if there was any dimorphism I think it would be primarily in colouration. If there was dimorphism in size, I cannot say it.
trisdino Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014
I just found this drawing, and it is great. The feathers are colorful and detailed, the anatomy is spot on, and the feathers go all the way down the jaw, something that many artists ignore. 
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